About Us

www.australia-visagov.com is a commercial website, one of the world’s leading provider of online services for global customers. We are NOT the Embassy/Consulate/High Commission/Representative of the Government. With more than 10-year experience of the e-Visa service, we know what our customers need and how to give them the best solutions.

We carefully review applications and documentation for your visa to ensure that it has the maximum chances of getting approved by the Government. We will liable for updating your eVisa status frequently and notifying as soon as your eVisa is delivered. In addition, we provide fast and effective solutions for every case of the customers.

We can assist you with obtaining your visa faster through Rush and Emergency services. Our responsibility is on your behalf to work with Government to expedite the visa application.

We are known for exceptional customer service with goal:
- To avoid the lengthy procedures to get visa of the client’s local Australian Embassies.
- To contact you as fast as possible if any additional documents are necessary.
- To send the eVisa result out the same day it was completed.

Please note that the final decision to issue a visa is made by the Government. We always try our best to meet all your requirements.

If you choose to utilize our services, please be advised that we charge a handling fee for services, and you also have to pay the Government fee. These services include our consultancy for your visa application.


  • Fast, simple and convenient online application.
  • Privacy and secured applicants information.
  • 24/7/365 support and assistance by visa experts.
  • Document requirements checked and made compliant with the government’s guidelines.
  • Correction of missing/incorrect information
  • Verification/validation of additional information
  • Photo and documents editing. We accept all formats (PDF, JPG, PNG)
  • Your approved e-Visa sent in PDF format.
  • Recovery of your e-Visa via email in case of lost or misplaced

Clients' needs to be our first priority!



Please do not hesitate to contact us via chat box, email or hotline for any assistance, we always beside you 24/7/365.

United States United States   : +1 607 203 8384

Email     : support@e-visa-gov.com